Features & Benefits/ Mohsin Knitwears offer various Features & Benefits

Mohsin Knitwears offer various Features & Benefits


  • Protective gears for workers
  • Clearly marked passageway and exits
  • Separate spot removing room with exhaust fan
  • Boiler room surrounded by 20 inch thick concrete wall which is outside of the premises
  • Needle-guard for every sewing machine
  • Standby Generator (350 KVA)


  • Fire alarm switches located on every floor (both side of the exit)
  • Fire-extinguishers are checked in every month and operating instructions are in placed beside it
  • All of the employer are provided with fire-fighting training in a regular basis (monthly)
  • Clear fire exits signs illuminated with IPS backup, in case of power failure
  • Two fire exits located in every floor


  • CT-PAT- under process for approval
  • Barbed wired all along the factory walls
  • Secure warehouse and logistic support for safe storage of fabric, accessories and finished goods
  • Close circuit cameras for surveillance
  • Well trained security personnel
  • Magnetic access card system for store house


  • No excess overtime
  • Payable maternity leave benefit for 3 months according to Bangladesh labor low
  • Insight medial facilities with full-time Doctor, Nurse and 1 bed for every 100 workers
  • Two Festival bonus for all races and religion
  • Safe drinking water for all employer
  • Children room with a bathroom
  • Canteen with sitting arrangement for 30% of workforce
  • Clean & congenial working environment
  • Leave policy according to Bangladesh labor low and payment for unused leave
  • Sufficient air circulation and lightings for better environment
  • First aid box and medial transportation when require


  • ISO Time Card managements system
  • Water Cooling’ system to provide a comfortable environment for workers
  • Basic safety training including fire fighting, first aid and child care.
  • Separate clean toilets for male and female with liquid soap and hand dryers
  • Lockers for all employees to keep their valuables
  • Employee notice board to keep them aware of their rights and latest news of the company
  • Loud speakers to make announcements when necessary
  • 2% of the workers are well trained in using CPR
  • Floor mars to all chair less jobs to support backbone
  • Training center for providing necessary education to employees
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